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Ajitech Solutions

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Ajitek Solutions Today has a vibrant and professional engineering team,which is engaged in providing sales, technical support and system integration services on the products it handles and designs.Ajitek is committed to providing real-time and application focused support and services for Technology Upgradation and System Re-engineering for its customers.In addition, customers can also benefit from the training modules conducted on Application Development Tools, RTOS and Reliability Studies.These Training modules can be customized to meet user requirement and cover both basic and advanced courses.Whenever a customer calls any of the Ajitek sales, support and application team is ready to assist with the project planning, customized application solution and technical support. The user can rely on Ajitek Solutions technical team for its most helpful and knowledgeable support for all application needs.

Recognizing the Technological and Economic Challenges faced by the customer in today's competitive market place, we offer System Integration Services for various applications meeting demanding requirements.From a basic configuration of COTS cards in a chassis to customized system configuration, including software, we reduce the risk of dealing with many suppliers. this minimizes delivery risk and the learning curve associated with Post-delivery Integration. Integrated systems are delivered more quickly and economically, allowing for higher productivity at the application development level.Our Customers can leverage advanced technology and expertise to overcome time-to-market pressures, optimize limited resources, reduce development risk and satisfy price / performance challenges to gain an edge over the competition.